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Hives allowing for multiple users to produce their food items throughout the day


Many talented Chefs desire to establish and operate their own dream restaurant but do not always have the means or capital to do so. Those who manage to establish one, quickly realize the headaches of managing staff, supplies, rental fees and all other costs associated with operating a traditional restaurant. All this can at times turn a dream into a chore that drains you. It is with this in mind that we developed Kitchen Hives.

Kitchen Hives is virtual kitchen that allows a budding chef to set-up their own online restaurant with great simplicity. It is a quick and seamless way to get your restaurant idea off the ground. It is essentially an online restaurant, where your clients order restaurant quality food that is delivered to their home.

How it works

We operate a number of kitchens across various cities. These kitchens are fully kitted restaurant kitchens complete with kitchen staff, equipment and compliance certifications. The service offers the following:

  • Trained staff that will cook your menu to perfection
  • We assist you with the design and publishing of your online menu ready to dazzle your clients
  • An online ordering and payment system that makes it easier for your patrons to place and pay for their order
  • A delivery service that operates within 10km radius allowing us to deliver food in its best condition for the full enjoyment of your clients.
  • Packaging that represents your brand and offering
  • Food supplies from our extensive network of partners
  • Assistance with marketing and promotion of your brand
  • General business support.

As the chef, you bring the menu idea and we take care of the rest.

Benefits of your own virtual restaurant

Besides it being quick, simple and seamless to set up and operate, compared to a traditional physical restaurant, you stand a chance to reap the following benefits:

  • No capital expenditure
  • Higher profit margins
  • More scope for expansion
  • Greater flexibility
  • No fixed overheads

Add to the above is your ability to gain immediate access to a growing online market. Our aim is to help you realize your dream and set you on a path of success as a budding chef and restaurant owner

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