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It has become the yen to food and everyday life.


Andre Simon, a 19th century French merchant, had it spot on when he remarked, “ Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant and every day more civilized”. None of us can ever deny this experience for it is impossible to speak of great cuisine without a single mention of great wine. It has become the yen to food and everyday life. Drinking good wine has become one of life’s most sought after pleasures.

Our mission is to be your best guide to finding great wines the world has to offer, in a fun, easy and accessible manner. We believe that wine needs to be more approachable for one to truly appreciate and experience the pleasure it offers. Through our extensive network of wine professionals, experts and select wineries, we ensure that you consistently experience and select wines that delight and excite your palate.

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This is focused on improving your knowledge about wine in order elevate your appreciation and enjoyment of wine. Whether you are a wine novice or connoisseur, our classes cater for all palates with one aim, to amplify the pleasure of the great vine.

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Our online store allows you to access wines quick and easy at a click of a button. We assist you in selecting wine for your palate and taste preference and deliver to your home.

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