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we sit at the confluence of the consumer, distributor and the producer


The African Beef Authority is borne of the need to have a champion for Specialty Beef across the continent. As TABA we advocate for the best production, purveying, preparation and serving methods for Beef. TABA supports transparency, the free sharing and availability of information on animal husbandry, production methods, sustainability, traceability, soil health as well as what consumers really want, flavour.

At TABA we believe we sit at the confluence of the consumer, distributor and the producer. As purveyors of (African) Beef, our aim is to
normalize, encourage, inform and increase the consumption of quality Beef across the continent. The farmer should realize full value potential for the animals they produce and not just a portion / segment of the animal. We intend marketing Beef to the various segments (low & middle income as well as the premium segments – restaurants, airlines, H.N.W.I. and hotels).

Core Focus Areas:
Customer Education
Knowledge Building & Information Broadcast / Podcasts
Sustainable Production (Reasonable Volumes)
Value Creation (Increased Margins / Customer Experiences).

We acknowledge that the marketing of Beef can be improved, specifically via an entity that
listens and speaks for All St(e)akeholders (Producers / Distributors / Consumers). TABA believes in building strong networks and relationships across cultures and geographies.



Wagyu is a Japanese beef cattle breed. The name Wagyu refers to all Japanese beef cattle, where “Wa” means Japanese and “gyu” means cow. These animals were originally used as work animals and selected for their physical endurance. The
selection favoured animals with more intramuscular fat cells (marbling),
which provided a readily available source of energy. The cattle are either black or red in colour.

Modern Wagyu cattle are the result of crossing of the native cattle with imported breeds from Europe and Asia. The export of live Wagyu and Wagyu semen has been banned in Japan since 1976. Currently all Wagyu available outside Japan is from genetics of cattle exported prior to this date. Major producers of Wagyu outside Japan are the US, Canada, Australia and South Africa.

In the past, fat was not given a good image in its role towards human health. Fat has been found to have fewer adverse effects on health than some carbohydrates. Meat has played a crucial role in human evolution of a healthy and well balanced diet. Wagyu Beef has small, finely interspersed specks of fat (marbling) throughout the muscle fibres. Marbling is the most reliable component of meat taste and tenderness. Wagyu Beef marbling is consistent and when meat is prepared correctly, it bastes the steak from its interior, ensuring juiciness and depth of flavour.

High quality marbled beef has excellent eating quality and beneficial fatty acids. These fatty acids compositions in Wagyu are different to those in other beef cattle breeds. Wagyu Beef naturally has breeds, due to to high levels of Oleic Acids. MUFAs have little effect on total cholesterol; they are heart – healthy fatty acids as they can lower LDL – cholesterol, whilst increasing the healthy HDL – cholesterol. As TABA, our mission is to increase awareness of this highly prized beef and make it more available throughout Africa.

TABA is able to source and supply Wagyu Beef at constant prices throughout the year. We are able to do this via our extensive network and great relationships we’ve developed with our farmers throughout SA. We are looking for buyers and wholesalers / distributors whom we can educate and supply

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